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What does HEMI stand for?

Hemi is short for hemisphere. The term refers to a hemi engine which has been described as an internal combustion engine wherein the combustion chambers are of hemispherical form. For centuries hemispherical combustion chambers were used in cannon and mortars these chambers were initiated on some of the earliest automotive engines, prior to proving the […]

What does KITT stand for?

The acronym KITT stands for Knight Industries Two Thousand or Knight Industries Three Thousand. This acronym is the short name of two fictional characters from the adventure TV series Knight Rider. The first appeared in the original TV series knight rider while the second appeared in the two hour pilot movie in 2008 for a […]

What does MPRI stand for?

MPRI is the acronym for Military Professional Resources. MPRI is a private military contractor that supplies a wide variety of services to private and public customers especially to the United States Department of Defense. Military training, logistics, and law enforcement are a few of the profession that MPRI specializes in and operates in over forty […]

What does CRIP stand for?

The acronym CRIP means Content Relationship Identity and Process. CRIP is a model or framework that was developed by Wilmot and Hocker as an analytical tool to be used in conflict resolution. In essence CRIP analyzes the various conflict goals people bring to a dispute. Content goals are most familiar to lawyers because they involve […]

What does ARPANET stand for?

ARPANET stands for Advanced Research Projects Agency Network. This was created by ARPA of the United States Department of Defense during the Cold War. The ARPANET was the world’s first operational packet switching network, and the predecessor of the global Internet. Packet switching is currently the leading foundation for both voice and data communication worldwide […]

What does ANSI stand for?

ANSI is the acronym for the American National Standards Institute. It is a private not for profit organization that administers the development of voluntary consensus standards for processes, systems, personnel and products and services in the United States. The organization also manages international standards with US standards so as to create an avenue wherein American […]

What does CO2 stand for?

Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas that is composed of 2 oxygen atoms, bonded to a single carbon atom. The chemical formula of carbon dioxide is CO2. It is a gas at standard pressure and temperature and it is found in the earth’s atmosphere in the same state. CO2 is a trace gas and it […]

What does MSN stand for?

MSN stands for “Microsoft Network”. The term MSN is used to refer to Windows Live Messenger, an instant messaging client developed by Microsoft. This client is designed to work with Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and 2008 as well as Windows Mobile. The client has been actively apart of Microsoft’s Windows […]

What does MODERN stand for?

MODERN has a variety of meanings; however, we shall portray MODERN to stand for belonging to modern era or the historical timeframe after the Middle Ages. By extension things such as modern furniture, modern art, and modern history have been deemed modern rather than being prehistoric. The modern era started somewhere in the 1500s when […]