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What does ASTM stand for?

About ASTM ASTM International or ASTM was previously known as the American Society for Testing and Materials. It is an international standards organization that creates and publishes voluntary consensus technical standards for a large variety of materials, products, systems, and services. The organization’s headquarters is in West Conshohocken, Pennsylvania. ASTM was established before other similar […]

What does NRA stand for?

NRA stands for National Rifle Association. This is a powerful lobby that advocates the right to own and bear arms and rejects any gun regulation by the government. The NRA was formed by Union veterans Colonel William C. Church and General George Wingate following being granted a charter by New York on November 17, 1871. […]

What does ISO stand for?

ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization and it is the world’s largest publisher and developer of international standards. An international standard is developed based on an agreement between the member bodies of the ISO. ISO is a non-government organization that connects the private and public sectors. Many of the ISO’s member institutes are from […]

What does NADA stand for?

About NADA NADA is a intialism for the National Automobile Dealers Association which was founded in 1917. It represents more than 19,700 new car and truck dealers, both domestic and international, with more than 43,000 different franchises. It was established by a group of dealers who were determined to lower the luxury tax on automobiles […]

What does DIN stand for?

The acronym DIN represents Deutsches Institut für Normung e.V., the German Institute for Standardization located in Berlin, Germany and official symbol associated with technical standardization in Germany. This national organization is the authority for Germany’s ISO standards. The institute has over thirty thousand worldwide established standards. Primarily, the standard addresses most areas of Information Technology. […]

What does IMF stand for?

IMF is the acronym for the International Monetary Fund. It is an international organization that follows the macroeconomic policies of its member countries in overseeing the global financial system. This is particularly those member countries that have an impact on exchange rates and the balance of payments. The expressed objectives of the organization are to […]

What does NOAA stand for?

NOAA stands for National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. This is an agency within the Department of Commerce that charts the oceans and conserves their living resources. It also refers to a series of low orbit satellites operated by the United States government agency of the same name. NOAA is an agency that aims to improve […]

What does AARP stand for?

AARP stands forAmerican Association of Retired Persons. This is a non- government United States based organization and interest group. AARP operates as a not for profit campaigner for its members and as one of the most influential lobbying groups in the United States. ARRP also sells investment funds, insurance, and other financial products. Over thirty […]

What does CIGNA stand for?

About CIGNA CIGNA Corporation or NYSE: CI is an American for profit health insurance company. The health care headquarters may be found in Bloomfield, Connecticut, while the corporate headquarters are located at Two Liberty Place in Center City Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. CIGNA additionally has a major presence in the Phoenix, AZ metro area with its full-service […]

What does SADD stand for?

SADD refers to the youth group Students against Drunk Driving which was organized in 1981 by Robert Anastas at Wayland High School in Massachusetts. There, he and 15 students decided to form the group in response to rising road fatalities among youth as a result of drunkenness. From this root, the “flesh” of the idea […]