What does DC Shoes stand for?

DC Shoes is an American company that specializes in extreme sports footwear. These various types of footwear include BMX, skateboarding, rally car racing, surfing and motocross. Hats, jeans, jackets, snowboards and shirts are also included in the specialization. DC Shoes was established in 1993 with its base in California. Originally, DC meant ‘Droors City Footwear,’ however, Droors became obsolete and was sold which means DC no longer had any relations to Droors, which left the simple title DC Shoes.
DC Shoes has footwear suitable for males and females, young and old as well as apparel and accessories. The trends in the footwear and fashion demonstrate the progress the company has made since its inception. DC Shoes quickly became a leader in performance skateboarding shoes and famous action sports brand. DC Shoes is also definitely recognized as a global trademark with an expanded product line.
One of the cornerstones of DC Shoes’ marketing strategy is the fact that the company has established a world-class team of professional snowboarding, BMX skateboarding, surfing, motocross and rally athletes that exemplify the image and reach of DC Shoes. Its primary focus is designing and manufacturing the highest quality footwear, specializing in skateboarding shoes, snowboarding boots, Active Terrain footwear, women’s and children’s casual footwear, along with complementary apparel. The quality of our products is matched by the integrity of our business practices and employment environment. DC takes pride in its cultivated relationships with the media, suppliers, clients, customers, team riders, and employees. DC Shoes’ commitment to excellence deepens with the company’s continued expansion.
DC Shoes was dubbed as one of the first skateboard shoe companies to make widespread use of proficient support. DC Shoes’ skateboarding team had grown to eight professionals in 1996. They also went on a world tour in 1997 and motocross and surf teams were assembled by the end of the year. Through promotional events DC Shoes was able to garner incredible exposure which showcases the company’s professional talents. One clearly notable experience was when Danny Way jumped ten feet from a helicopter on to a ramp which was decked with DC Shoes logos. This paved the way for extreme sporting events such as the X Games which gave tremendous recognition for DC Shoes who rose through prominence and popularity.
In the year 2000 and even beyond DC Shoes was fast becoming the brand of choice. Sometime during 2000, the company settled a lawsuit against an alleged imitator and closed a deal, it said had resold products to unofficial stores. In the same vein, DC Shoes was offering graphics kits in conjunction with One Industries for labeling dirt bikes with the DC logo.

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