What does GQ stand for?

GQ refers to the monthly magazine called Gentlemen’s Quarterly. The magazine focuses on trends for men in the areas of fashion, sports entertainment, fitness, travel, sex, books and technology. It was started in 1931 in New York but it was known as Apparel Arts at the time. Its focus then was the clothing industry for men and was targeting large and small business in the fashion industry. It actually carried samples of men’s apparel and desirable fabrics posted in its pages.

The magazine waxed greatly in appeal and influenced the making of the Esquire magazine. Apparel Arts ran consistently until the late 50’s when Esquire Inc. renamed the magazine calling it Gentlemen’s Quarterly.

When Editor Art Cooper took over the magazine in 1979 he expanded its focus thereby making GQ a rival of Esquire. Editions were released worldwide to expand the reach of the magazine and make it appealing to not just US based readers. GQ was established in the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Australia, India, France Belgium, Switzerland, South Africa, Austria, Germany and Italy.

In 1984 Nonnie Moore GQ’s fashion editor made the magazine elegantly appealing to men. This was later amended as would be expected to make the magazine current; when Jim Nelson assumed Editor in Chief duties in 2003. He amended the emphasis of the magazine, appealing to the more youthful and casually fashion forward man.

In more recent times the magazine has appealed to a metro-sexual generation of men. The idea of men being trendy has now been made popular by the magazine showcasing men in accessories and stylish clothing. The distribution and subscription levels have reflected the popularity of the magazine and its appeal. The magazine is widely read by single men in the upper social income bracket with almost.

In the future the magazine will be geared to remaining current. In 2006 GQ established wireless service to its readers which allows them to get text messages via mobile phone. The expectation is after subscribing to this service, mobile readers will be able to view electronic content via the digital mobile service.

As “proof of the pudding” GQ has earned its share of awards over the years. Nominated for 27 National Magazine Awards the magazine has won 3 of these awards while under the leadership of Art Cooper. Its nomination in that many categories points to a true testament of the multifaceted approach taken to deliver and meet its reader’s needs.

The magazine continues to be the icon of men’s fashion and gives insight into what affects the modern man. The caliber of its content appeals to a wide audience of men in a very stylistic way and has forged the way for publicizing all things fashionable for ordinary men.

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