What does IPOD stand for?

IPOD stands for Internet Portable Open Database. The portable open database is basically the software used to power the iPod. The original acronym of the name “iPod” was originally applied by Apple in the development stages of the device, which stood for Internet Portable Open Database. The term’s technical origins were not enough to keep the company from releasing the product under this name and the decision has been a good one. The name has really stuck and has attained tremendous status in popular culture exceeding even that of the Walkman. The unconscious appeal of the term is possibly associated to the “I” and “pod.” A pod normally refers to a kind of protective covering, as in a peapod. A pod nourishes and protects valuable contents during their development. Most generally, it is a container, but its purpose is always more than preservation. It is preservation for the purpose of development and progression.
The front part of iPod reveals a bright white surface. This is what separates it from most comparable technologies as pagers, PDAs cell phones, televisions and laptops; vary in surface color from being all black or gray or silver. These colors have certain sleekness about them, but which, by virtue of their ubiquity in contemporary technological devices, nevertheless signify that technological character.
The white appearance of the iPod, like the whiteness of a number of other products recently released by Apple, does more than simply set it apart from other technologies. It signifies, in its own right, a kind of purity and simplicity associated with mastery. Firstly, the device has mastery over the technology it employs meaning that the iPod is not obligated to its mechanisms, but rather controls them to the point that it turns them into something beautiful. Secondly, there is the user’s mastery over the device itself the appearance of its white clean and simple look gives the impression to the user that it is user friendly.
The back part of the iPod reveals a mirrored surface. There are however, a few subtle inscriptions in light gray but generally the device is free of the clutter one usually finds on the underside of comparable devices. Happily there are no screws, or mechanisms for accessing the battery, additionally there is no raised levels indicating the location of the battery beneath the surface.
The iPod’s mirrored surface is a deliberate aesthetic choice and the only device of its kind to boast this feature. When the user of the iPod looks at the back parts of the device, he will see a reflection of his face. This is quite an essential point where all iPods appear the same from the front which is simple, white and clean and signify the device’s and the user’s mastery over technology, each iPod however, differs on the back part in appearance. The user gets the unique feeling of extraordinary possession.

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