What does MARVEL stand for?

The acronym MARVEL means Machine Assisted Realization of the Virtual Electronic Library. This concept was developed by the Library of Congress. It is a global information system that incorporates a wide collection of information that can be accessed at the Library of Congress along with electronic resources that may be accessed through the internet. MARVEL is available and accessible to the public on a daily basis.
Albeit MARVEL is still in the developmental stage it has been designed to supply the Library of Congress staff, the U.S Congress and constituents all over the world. The University of Minnesota provides Gopher software which enables MARVEL to be accessible via the internet. Information on MARVEL is coordinated by a special design team as well as other units and divisions throughout the Library of Congress.
The publishing and other system maintenance will be given to information owners who are located throughout the library. The information will also be viewed by staff members and external users of the Library. Though the workstations users use to access the system have varying ranges of capabilities and characteristics, the format of documents will be represented at the lowest common denominator plain ASCII test. From time to time files may not have this format but the creators are exploring possibilities of having a highly developed formatted textual works for the future.
MARVEL presents information about the Library of Congress such as reading rooms, copyright, facilities and services, publishers and services to libraries as well as other internet resource information.

Accessing MARVEL

One must have access to the Gopher client software to gain entry to the system. The client would them be directed to the internet address or MARVEL then you login as user MARVEL. Once access to the system is gained users can then be able to input search keywords in the main menu to search MARVEL menus via the MARVEL Jughead software. The different types of menus connect the user to the Global Electronic Library where one is able to access a wide range of information.
One can also gain insightful information on how MARVEL operates. The main menu on the home page for instance provides information on how MARVEL was developed, how it is being maintained, the futuristic plans as well as which person is doing what. The system stores and is able to pull up information on user activity, this text book approach is good for students, developers and marketers who are able to see how MARVEL works.
It is also important to note that the information that the user accesses is via links at other institutions. Persons wishing to publish information on MARVEL would do so via electronic mail to the Design team.

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