What does MSFT stand for?

MSFT represents Microsoft Corporation. It is a multinational computer technology corporation that extends licenses, supports and makes a wide variety of software products for computing devices. The Microsoft Corporation has its headquarters in Washington USA and it most lucrative products are the Microsoft Office and Microsoft Windows operating system collection of productivity software.

In 1975 Microsoft Corporation was established to build and sell BASIC interpreters for the Altair 8800. Microsoft’s dominance of the home computer operating system market with the MS –DOS occurred in the mid 1980s and continued with the Windows line of operating systems. Many of Microsoft’s products have attained an almost Omni- presence within the desk top computer market. Microsoft’s original mission according to one commentator was to get at least one computer in every home on every desktop and running the Microsoft software. Microsoft also has shares in other markets and possesses the following assets:

  • MSN Internet portal
  • MSNBC cable television network
  • Microsoft Encarta multimedia encyclopedia

Microsoft also advertises the following home entertainment products

  • MSN TV
  • Xbox
  • Zune
  • Xbox 360

Throughout the history of Microsoft it has been greatly criticized for fostering anti – competitive strategies with the likes of tying and refusing to deal as well as monopolistic business practices. Microsoft has been accused of and have had legal actions taken out against them by the European Commission and the United States Justice Department due to antitrust violations. These rulings against Microsoft have come from the political cultural climate of diverse economies and civic interest of society.

The Disk Operating System (DOS) was the operating system that brought Microsoft its first real success. IBM awarded a contract to Microsoft to supply a version of the CP/M operating system, after the negotiations will Digital Research fell through in August 12, 1981. This version was established to be utilized in the imminent IBM Personal Computer (PC). Microsoft bought a CP/M clone called 86 – DOS from Seattle Computer Products which was renamed to PD – DOS by IBM. Sometime after, the market became inundated with IBM PC clones after the successful cloning of the IBM BIOS by Columbia Data Products. Through the insistent marketing of MS – DOS to companies and firms of IBM – PC replicas, Microsoft grew into a major software vendor in the home computer industry. By expanding into new markets the Microsoft Mouse was created in 1983 as well as Microsoft Press, a publishing division.

In relation to the electronics aspect of its business, Microsoft was classed as the second worst company for the environment. This ranking was out of eighteen (18) companies that were rated in the June 2008 issue of the Greenpeace’s Greener Electronics guide. Microsoft got a score of 2.2 out of 10 which placed it ahead of only Nintendo. As a result Microsoft has taken serious and note worthy actions to become more environmentally friendly.

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