What does NRA stand for?

NRA stands for National Rifle Association. This is a powerful lobby that advocates the right to own and bear arms and rejects any gun regulation by the government.
The NRA was formed by Union veterans Colonel William C. Church and General George Wingate following being granted a charter by New York on November 17, 1871. The number one goal of the association would be to ‘promote and encourage rifle shooting on a scientific basis.’
One fundamental feature of the NRA’s creation was the establishment of a rifle range or practice ground. This was made possible by the New York state that provided the financial aid.
A political drive against the endorsement of marksmanship in New York compelled the NRA to relocate its range. In 1892 however, the range was deeded back to the state of New York and the NRA’s competitions were relocated to New Jersey. A new range was later established as there was an overwhelming growth of NRA’s shooting programs. Overtime almost 6000 people participated and competed annually in high power events, the national matches are one of the biggest sporting events held in the United States.
The NRA’s magazine, The American Rifleman provided frequent updates on the latest firearms bills. The NRA also is committed to education and training and marksmanship. The association offered its range during World War II. It developed training manuals and materials for industrial security as well as encouraged members to offer their services as home and plant guard members. The association even reloaded ammunition for those guarding war plants. Incidentally through its assistance in 1940 more than 7000 firearms for Britain’s defense against probable invasion by Germany. Following the war, the NRA focused its efforts on developing training within the hunting community. The first hunter education program was instituted in 1949 with the help of the state of New York. Through the proper education courses offered at various state fish and game departments across the United States and Canada, hunting has become one of the safest sports in existence.
NRA continues to be the leader in firearms training in civilian training. It has a plethoraf certified instructors who train thousands of firearms holders per year. They have courses available in ammunition and reloading, personal protection, basic rifle, shotgun, pistol and muzzle loading firearms. Currently more that twenty one (21) million pre-kindergarten to sixth grade children have been taught on the dangers of unsupervised firearms. The NRA is recognized as America’s foremost defender of second Amendment rights as well as a major political force. However, the association has been the lead firearms education organization in the world since its inception.

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