What does QCT stand for?

QCT may be an abbreviated form of the Queensland College of Teachers. It is currently a legal requirement under the Education Queensland College of Teachers Act 2005 for all individuals who wish to teach in Queensland State and non-State schools and for those people involved in either the supervision or assessment of practising teachers or student teachers to be formally registered with the Queensland College of Teachers. In more simplistic terms the Queensland College of Teachers is an association of teachers that expects mandatory registering of educators who desire to work in the aforementioned institutions.

QCT may also refer to Qualcomm CDMA Technologies which declares that they deliver “innovative wireless solutions that consumers are celebrating globally. We develop the latest in wireless solutions so you have the power to work connected — play connected — anywhere.” They offer a wide range of products within the telecommunications market including 3G chipsets, Gobi, gpsOne, and Snapdragon.

QCT may also be a term used in the medical field which means Quantitative Computed Tomography. QCT Densitometry is a method employed to measure bone mass. It is one of the three methods recommended by the National Osteoporosis Foundation as beneficial and safe in preparing an evaluation of the disease osteoporosis. A QCT bone mass measurement is employed to assess osteoporosis in precisely the same manner that a cholesterol measurement is implemented for coronary heart disease or blood pressure for stroke. These data are used to measure a significant risk factor and identify the necessity, option and efficiency of therapy. The principle that governs QCT Densitometry and other bone mass measurements including SPA, DPA, DXA/QDR, is that calcified tissue will capture more x-rays than the other surrounding tissue so that the CT density measurement can then be utilized to measure total bone mass within a sample of tissue. The method used by Mindways is the same one developed and implemented at the University of California, San Francisco, since the year 1978, using the same calibration phantom and scanning processes. With appropriate technique, precision for the conventional 2D method is 2 to 3%, and about 1% for 3D QCT, therefore monitoring patients annually is said to bring about clinically advantageous results.

QCT may also be short for the Quebec Chronicle Telegraph. The Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph is said to have “enjoyed a very long and most distinguished history in Quebec City”. The newspaper is the offspring of several newspapers that were published during the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries in Quebec. The first which was The Quebec Gazette, was established on June 21, 1764. From that year up until 1842, the newspaper published both a French and English edition individually. It initially began being published as a weekly paper, but in May, 1832, it started to appear in English on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and in French on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Eventually after almost a century of amalgamations, disarrangements and many changes within the original newspapers it became the Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph in 1934. The newly founded paper was controlled by William Price and James Carrel. The Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph is still a weekly paper. It is published every Wednesday and has an estimated circulation of about 1,800.

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