What does TLC stand for?

TLC is the acronym for The Learning Channel. This is an American cable TV network which broadcasts various reality based and informational programming. Discovery Communications the company that manages the Discovery channel, the Science channel and Animal planet, also owns TLC since 1991. TLC is one of the few cable networks which has legal operations in Canada, which operate under its original American interpretation.

A significant amount of TLC’s programming subject matter is imported from the United Kingdom generally through Discovery Communications’ ties to the BBC. TLC also produces versions of a few shows and original programs that have been dubbed as BBC production.

The Learning Channel was primarily a place for learning minds. The channel was established in 1972 with the aim for it to be solely an instructional or informative television network which provided actual education through television. The content type was mostly on such subject matters as science, current events, nature, technology, home improvement, medicine, cooking and other information based topics. These were all documentary type programs. However, following changes in the network only the home improvement features remain. It was alleged that TLC started to explore new avenues due to poor ratings from a narrow target audience this occurred some where in the mid 90s leading up to the advent of the twenty first century. Materials that were not really of an educational nature were being featured on the channel.

In 1998 the channel formally began to detach itself from its original name The Learning Channel. The channel began to refer to itself as simply TLC. With this detachment came new viewers who misconstrued the channels acronym to mean Tender Loving Care. Yet there are some who concede that the acronym TLC was intended to encourage this misapprehension as the channel moved more towards a more real life personal story programming which ultimately targeted a more mainstream and wider viewers. A huge shift in TLC’s programming showed more interior design and reality drama shows, during the period 1999 to 2001. Quite a few shows were hugely successful which demonstrated the network’s new direction in their programming. Most persons argue that most of the shows were not educational. However, the more educationally focused programs can be seen on other channels owned by Discovery Communications.

March 27, 2006 TLC initiated a promotional campaign and new look. The new theme was Live and Learn this move was to move away from decorating type shows to reality TV programs. More changes came in exactly one year later where TLC introduced a somewhat promotional campaign and rejuvenated look. It also came with a new tag line called “Life surprises.” The new tag line represented TLC’s shift to more personal stories.

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