What does TMI stand for?

TMI stands for Too Much Information. TMI is a show for children aired on Saturday mornings. It is presented by Sam Nixon and Mark Rhodes otherwise known as Sam and Mark. The show started on September 16 2006 and is presently on its fourth series since September 26th 2009. Air time is usually between 8:30 am and 10:00 am on Saturdays on BBC Two. TMI replaced Dick and Dom In Da Bungalow the previous Saturday show.

The initial series of TMI was shown on Saturdays between 9am and 11:45 am on the CBBC and BBC channels, running over twenty five (25) episodes over a twenty one (21) weeks period. An episode would be aired on each Saturday but BBC One would run an additional episode each week day morning in the Christmas week. These episodes were not as live as the Saturday editions however.

TMI includes competitions, cartoons and music in their Saturday morning features and they went even further by incorporating an element of reality television. This element featured mostly adult or teenage content based on the popular culture and adult humor focus.

Series 1 ended on February 3rd 2007 without a summer replacement only the usual CBBC programmes were shown in TMI’s original allotted time during the summer months.

The second series commenced in September 2007 and ran until December 22, 2007 on BBC Two. The duration for the show in series 2 was cut down to only ninety (90) minutes, this did not sit well with TMI’s fan base. The theme of the second series is This Time It’s Personal where the creators of the show allowed viewers to select any present to be their friend via the TMI website. Through this selection, viewers were able to see exclusive online content relevant to their selected presenter. Each week the show displays the number of friends each presenter has and how many votes said presenter received. One presenter was crowned the Queen of TMI as she accumulate over 106,000 friends while another was named the Biggest loser with a little over 70,000 friends.

Series three commenced on September 27 2008 and ran for twelve weeks, ending on December 13, 2008. The duration of the third series was similar to that of the second series. An Australian drama called Lockie Leonard was included in the new series of TMI and it was segregated into three parts throughout the show. Unlike series two, series three had no theme going with it, it only had videos on the ‘Watch’ section of the CBBC website. Two new games were introduced, one was called The Lawn of Horror and the other was called Don’t Let Me Down. The first game was the first phone in competition since TMI’s first series. This was because BBC had barred phone in competitions after viewers were deceived by a fake phone in competition winner.

The fourth series of TMI was from September 26th and will end on December 19th 2009 and it had thirteen episodes. TMI started at an earlier time with new cartoons and new games. Some of the shows are pre-recorded and others live. The first two shows were pre-recorded in order to save money.

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