What does WWE DX stand for?

WWE DX represents a professional wrestling tag team which falls under World Wrestling Entertainment, which represents the WWE in the acronym. The DX stands for D – Generation X. The origin of the group came about in the midst of the World Wrestling Federation’s (WWF) ‘Attitude Era’ which was from 1997 to 2000. The Attitude Era was a period in professional wrestling and the WWF history that started from the Monday Night Wars and terminated with the ending of the wars in 2001.

The publicity stunt the group used was the appearance of a gang of rebels who provocatively spoke and did whatever they pleased. The however disbanded in August 2000 when it experienced a series of schedule changes after the sow’s original run. Two years later there was a mock reunion followed by a reformations of DX four years later in June 2006 with Shawn Michaels and the duo Triple H. Triple H suffered a quadriceps injury in 2007 at New Year’s Revolution and this disband the group again. August 2009 however, Shawn Michaels reformed DX as a tag team.

Shawn Michaels and Triple H came up with the idea of DX which was officially personified on September 20, 1997 at the WWF One Night Only pay-per-view in England.

The official name Degeneration X was bequeathed on October 13, 1997 by the members of the group, Shawn Michaels was dubbed leader. Two months later on December 7th WWF launched a pay-per-view telecast and used D – Generation X as its title. This gave DX a solid and impressive status.

At the start of 2008 Owen Hart received the WWF European championship from through an exchange with Triple H. Shawn Michaels was the reigning WWF Champion at Wrestle Mania XIV, he along with Triple H enlisted boxer Mike Tyson to act as the Special enforcer in the chief event for the night which featured Shawn Michaels in combat with Stone cold Steve Austin. The concept backfired at the end of the match as Mike Tyson cost Michaels the match by turning on D – Generation X.

Following this event Michaels was booted from the group and Triple H took full leadership of D – X. Triple H basically started an army and recruited the New Age Outlaws and X – Pac to be apart of the gang. Their popularity was quite huge throughout 1998 and early into 1999.

The members began to turn on each other throughout 1999. Everything went downhill from here as they began to cost each other matches and such like. When Shawn Michaels returned to WWE in 2002 Triple H seemed to have conceded that Michaels had an idea, proposing that they reform the group. It was however a plot against Michaels and became the thing which resulted in a long feud between Michaels and Triple H.

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